Common Ground - Messana O'Rourke Building Blocks


Drawing on examples of their own instantly recognizable Minimalist-inflected designs, often evoking the work of Donald Judd, celebrated architects Messana O’Rorke demonstrate how to create a serene haven for modern living.

Founded in 1996 by Brian Messana and Toby O’Rorke in New York City, Messana O’Rorke describe their particular brand of minimalist modernism as “pragmatism,” with their approach to design capturing as much usable square footage as possible, rigorously limiting the number of interior elements, and extracting maximum impact from the chosen interventions. This distinctive approach extends to their entire material vocabulary: white walls stripped of moldings, with recessed lighting at their perimeter; honey-toned oak floors; highly polished stainless steel railings and hardware; and marble fixtures and countertops and dark limestone flooring in the bathrooms and kitchen.

304 pages, 9 x 12
full-color photographs

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