Common Ground - At Home on the Water


Coastal havens designed for laid-back living.

The idea of a retreat—a place removed from one’s daily stressors, an escape in a serene natural setting, a secluded haven to be enjoyed by family, is more appealing than it has been in decades. Though second homes are far from a novel concept; retreats have been built by families since the late 1800s, when the well-to-do began to build reprieves in coastal areas to escape the combustive atmosphere of city life. Over time, homes on the water have been coveted and cherished for their particular restorative qualities. In an oceanside house, one can’t help but stop to pause and contemplate the view. After absorbing the essence of the sea, one can’t help but feel a little lighter, a bit brighter, and more in tune with nature.

At Home on the Water will offer some history on coastal living and will feature twelve homes on the water on both coasts and the gulf. The editorial would focus on both the design of the homes and the way the homeowners live in them, embellished by interviews with homeowners, designers, and/or architects.

208 pages

8.5" x 11"

full color

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