Churp Modern Birdhouse Reclaimed


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Each birdhouse is a one-of-a-kind piece of art and a fully functional wildlife nesting box, hand built from weather and pest resistant western red cedar and protected with custom pigmented and natural tone exterior grade wood stains. Due to the use of these stains instead of paint, the vibrant colors will provide many years of enjoyment even in outdoor weather conditions. All assembly and mounting hardware is weather proof, made of galvanized steel, coated steel, or aluminum.

Functional features:
--Entry hole diameter is 1.5" reinforced with an anodized metal ring to protect against hole enlargement by predators such as squirrels and other birds
--Left side panel rotates upward for easy cleaning access
--House attaches easily to any vertical surface with attached french cleat and included matching hardware and screws
--Vented roof and floor slots allow for proper ventilation and cooling in warmer nesting months
--Fledgling ladder for baby birds
--Roof drip line aids in water runoff

Dimensions : 10"H x 7."W x 9"D.

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